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Introduction / Overview

The beauty and comfort of our home can be tremendously affected
by the selection of the Windows you choose. Take time to consider
yourneeds for security, privacy, noise, lighting, room access,
ventilation, energy efficiency and of course appearance. The time
and effort will be worth it by selecting the appropriate products for
your new home or addition and let South Pacific be your guide to
giving your home a functional and sophisticated look.

South Pacific offers architects, designers, builders and home owners
greater choices for bringing natural light and solar control into your
project with positive impacts on heating and cooling by installing
South Pacific ECO-Series Windows.

Sleek lines, stylish and effective

The Awning Window is a perennial favourite and compliments any home. Similar to the Casement Window, they are an excellent choice for sound reduction and thermal comfort. The refined elegance of the uninterrupted pane of glass combines superbly with its sturdy frame and makes the Awning Window suitable for almost any situation or condition. They are very effective in controlling airflow and will keep out the rain and elements, securing comfort throughout all the seasons. They can also be automated, thus offering an easy and practical way to operate windows that are out of reach.

Awning Windows are hinged at the top so that the bottom sash swings outwards. When considering this window option, it is recommended that they not be used in areas that open out to narrow pathways for safety reasons.

Unique lifestyle flexibility

South Pacific Bi-Fold Windows surpass ordinary Bi-Fold Windows. We use an advanced sliding rollers design, which creates a smooth and effortless gliding motion for inward and outward opening styles.

South Pacific Commercial Grade Bi-Fold Windows are the ideal choice for homeowners, builders, designers and architects alike. We pride ourselves on our contemporary lines, our various sill options and panel configurations which are suitable for residential and commercial applications. Our Sashless Windows with flyscreens can be fitted within the Bi-Fold Window and allows for an effective and pest-free ventilation solution.

Durability, efficiency and elegance

Our Casement Window is a classic design which effectively captures and diverts the cool, prevailing breezes to the important areas of your home. Casement Windows are hinged at the side making the sash open outwards like a hinged door. As with Awning Windows, Casement Windows are an excellent choice for sound and thermal comfort.

Available in large floor to ceiling height, creating contemporary light filled living spaces. Casement Windows can be automated to offer an
easy way to operate windows that are high up and out of reach.

The Entertainers Dream

The Gas Strut Window from South Pacific is a versatile and stylish entertaining servery window.

To open all you need to do is give the window a slight push and the gas struts effortlessly take over and open the window upwards to almost 90 degrees. To close you go outside and pull the window down. Now for the discerning client who loves automation, South Pacific offers an electric window system that will open & close at the press of a button.

Unlike a Bi-Fold window when closed, the Gas Strut window has no vertical stiles to obstruct the view, and due to the window that opens upward there is no issue of protruding stacked panels on the bench.

Distinctive, modern and functional

Our modern Louvre Windows now come with remote control
functionality and we have added a new dimension to our overall design that allows for controlled ventilation. this provides protection from the elements and creates a look that is both distinctive and functional. Our louvre blades are available in glass, aluminium or wood.

More than any other window option, our product allows the client to fully embrace the whole opening option for ventilation if required. For high-level louvre windows we offer an automated and remote control option making it easy to operate windows that are out of reach.

Contemporary transparent living

Our Sashless Windows consist of two vertically moving frameless
panels, which allow fresh cool air to enter through the bottom opening, while allowing internal warm air to escape through the top opening. They also feature a concealed locking fixture, which operates in a closed or partially open position of 100mm, offering security.

Ideal for creating a stylish and unobtrusive streamlined look, our Sashless Windows are available is a series of complimentary windows & doors. We offer a variety of configurations, all of which are compatible and can be mixed and matched to suit specific design and size requirements. Options here include Sashless Windows inserted within the otherwise fixed panels in our Bi-Fold Doors, Hinged Windows, Multi-Stack and Sliding Doors, offering a unique integration.

We also offer horizontally moving frameless panels as part of our innovative product design. Sashless Windows are the perfect addition to the contemporary home and provide superb climate control with completely unobstructed views to exterior outlooks.


Smooth effortless operation

The classic appearance of our Single Hung or Double Hung Windows make them appropriate for both traditional and contemporary style…

Performance, reliability and style

The Sliding Window is a perennial Australian favourite and is perfect for our climate and environment. It is practical, simple and creates generous glass areas to brighten the appeal of any living space. Clean lines and ventilation are offered by the simple slide of the sash. When looking for proven reliability and performance, the Sliding Window is an excellent choice. At South Pacific, our Sliding Windows are constructed to the highest standard and with quality materials.

Designed in Australia for Australian conditions, our Sliding Windows have stood the test of time, evolving into the contemporary design they are today. From modern to traditional, we have the range and styles to create the look you desire for your home.


The following is a guide of typical configurations of South Pacific Windows available




Gas Strut




Awning Windows

+ more options available

Bi-fold Windows

+ more options available


+ more options available

Gas Strut 

+ more options available


Our Lourve blades are available in 3 exciting options, glass, aluminium or timber, to suit your design requirements. + more options available


+ more options available


+ more options available


The difference is our culture

A majority of our business is repeat and referral work. Please find here a selection of some of our many satisfied customers testimonials. South Pacific are committed to supplying quality products and prompt professional service in all aspects of your building project, including the selection of the right product, to delivery, installation and after sales  service. Simply come into our showroom and discuss your requirements with one of our qualified sales team members.

Thank you for considering South Pacific Aluminium
Windows and Doors and Buying local

Visit our modern factory showroom to see stunning solutions that will inspire the imagination. We take pride in creating a stunning visual space that inspires you to think beyond the limits of the everyday and to open up to the possibilities of form, function and design.

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