Gas Strut Windows

the Gas Strut Window has been designed to maximise the view allowing natural airflow ...

The Entertainers Dream

The Gas Strut Window from South Pacific is a versatile and stylish entertaining servery window.

To open all you need to do is give the window a slight push and the gas struts effortlessly take over and open the window upwards to almost 90 degrees. To close you go outside and pull the window down. Now for the discerning client who loves automation, South Pacific offers an electric window system that will open & close at the press of a button.

Unlike a Bi-Fold window when closed, the Gas Strut window has no vertical stiles to obstruct the view, and due to the window that opens upward there is no issue of protruding stacked panels on the bench.

It has been designed with the option of a bottom sill or a no sill application to achieve an uninterrupted bench top space, ideal for alfresco entertaining.



All South Pacific Windows and Doors are made from scratch, so we don’t charge any more for non-standard sizes. When choosing our Commercial grade windows with various Australian Building Standards, size availability and possibilities will vary and consequently it would be difficult to illustrate the entire range.

Please ask one of our staff to guide you with all the possibilities.


Windows and Doors are now considered as the glamour products of homes

It is important to choose the right ones. Just as important is the consideration of frame colours, appropriate glass selection and screen requirements.

Take time to consider your neds for security, privacy, noise, lighting, ventilation, energy efficiency and of course appearance. The time and effort will be worth it and the following is a guide to help give your home a functional and sophisticated style with greater levels of home comfort.

Explore the possibilities below …

Glass Solutions

the future will be
about greater comfort
and sustainability ...

South Pacific is experienced in offering Glass Solutions to lower your energy bills, improve security, safety, limit UV fading of valuable furnishings, reduce noise levels and even reduce the need for regular window cleaning.

Explore the possibilities below …

the future will be
about greater comfort
and sustainability ...


Textured glass for design and / or privacy

The versatility of glass means it has many uses beyond simply providing a view. The use of glass as a design feature is growing in popularity and there are plenty of decorative glass options including tinted options available today to suit your décor.

Decorative glass or obscured glass is great way to offer privacy in bathrooms, toilets, stairwells, sidelights to entry doors etc.

Glass can be patterned, textured, frosted or screen printed in a range of colours and designs. Possible applications include windows, doors and petition walls. Most decorative glass options can be toughened or laminated to provide a safety solution when required.


Glass that assists in solar and thermal control of a home

Do you know on average homes loses approximately 50% of heat and gains approximately 90% of heat through ordinary glass of windows and doors. The use of energy efficient double glazing can reduce the heat transfer though the glass by over 50%.

When planning to build your new home using South Pacific Eco Windows and Doors combined with single or double glazing will deliver more comfort by helping to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer while enabling the use large areas of glass creating a feeling of space and being on with the outdoors.

Choosing energy efficient glass is one of the most simple and cost effective measures to minimise the use of artificial heating and cooling, whilst maintaining a comfortable home year round. It is also much easier on the environment, while giving significant reductions in home energy costs.

Windows and doors are vital to the energy efficiency of any home. Research by the sustainable Windows Alliance of Australia shows the typical Australia home can achieve an increase of 2 to 2.5 stars energy efficiency simply by upgrading the windows and doors.

There are two main types of energy efficient glass.

Firstly Low-E glass which is typically single glazing and secondly double glazing.


Laminated glass is made by fusing two pieces of glass with a clear inter-layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) through the use of heat and pressure

It is this inter-layer that absorbs the sun’s harmful UV radiation and helps reduce and protect your timber floors, carpets, furniture and artwork from fading.

Laminated glass will stop up to 99% of UV radiation while allowing most of the natural visible light through all without also affecting the growth of your indoor plants.

With a minimum thickness of 6.38 laminated glass also offers a level of security from break-ins combined with Grade A safety rating. In addition, it has the ability to reduce noise, making for a quieter home.

To reduce the amount of solar heat and glare entering you home a choice of green, grey and bronze laminated is available, making for a cooler home.


Glass solutions designed to reduce sound transmission

Whether it’s from traffic, aircraft or neighbours, noise reduction glass aims to reduce unwanted external noises. Creating an effective noise reduction solution involves measuring the nature and intensity of the offending sound and selecting a glass product which reduces the intensity sufficiently at all frequencies. Common solutions include thicker glass, laminated glass comprising two panes of glass with an interlayer, and double glazing laminated glass with an optional thicker inter-layer can greatly improve noise reduction and security.

Double glazing with the inclusion of laminated glass is an excellent way to reduce noise however this is the possibility that due to what is known as “Thermal Cracking” where the heat trapped between the two glass panes causes stress on the laminated glass which may cause the glass to crack. As this is a known possibility there is no warranty from the glass manufacturers. So please be mindful of this possibility with that being said, many home owners have commented, especially the light sleepers, that the element of risk is worth it.

Thicker glass make ups is better for blocking low frequency noise (Traffic noise). Laminated glass is better at blocking high frequency noise (Voice Noise). A combination of the two can be used to block a range of different noise types. Double glazing is better to reduce high frequency noise (Voices). Standard Double Glazing with at least a 12mm gap is effective at reducing high frequency noise (voice Noise).
For low frequency (Traffic noise) using a different thickness of glass in each pane or incorporating laminated glass can help to reduce noise.

For specific or high level noise issues, it is recommended to consult with an acoustics engineer for the appropriate solution. The acoustics engineer will assess the types of noise affecting you home and specify the acoustic performance requirements for all the elements of you home including the windows/doors.


Glass that reduces the risk of injury

The term “Safety Glass” is applied to glazing used to reduce the risk of injury, especially children from accidental impact and consequential glass breakage.

The glass is tougher to break and won’t fracture into dangerous shards if broken.

Safety glass is used extensively in homes as required by the Building Code of Australia, and typically used in door and sidelights, glass that can be mistaken as an unimpeded path of travel. Shower and bath enclosures including bathroom windows and special activity buildings, such as schools, retirement’s homes, gyms and swimming pools all are critical locations where safety glass must be considered and applied.

Laminated and toughened glass are both recognised as Grade A Safety Glass.


Products that are designed to resist physical and ballistic attack

Laminated glass is made by fusing 2 pieces of glass with a clear inter-layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) through the use of heat and pressure. The process creates a safety glass.

If the laminated glass breaks then the 2 sheets of glass will break into large pieces, but it will be held in the frame by the PVB inter-layer. This provides safety, but also a level of security since the glass remains in place and prevents a person or object from easily passing through.

Laminated glass also provides acoustic performance compared to ordinary glass and with an optional thicker inter-layer can improve noise reduction while greatly improving security.

Double glazing with the inclusion of laminated glass is an excellent way to increase security however unfortunately due to what is known as “thermal cracking” where the heat trapped between the two panes causes stress on the laminated glass which may cause the glass to crack.

As this is a known possibility unfortunately there is no warranty from the glass manufactures, so please be mindful of this possibility. That said many home owners have commented that the element of risk is worth it in the sense of added security and a good night’s sleep.


The latest in glass technology helping keep glass clean

The latest in glass technology help keeps glass free from organic dirt saving time, money, water and detergents – all associated with window cleaning for the life of the window.

A two-step cleaning process where once exposed to daylight the special exterior coating on the glass reacts with the UV Rays to breakdown and disintegrate organic dirt. Secondly, when water hits the glass has a hydrophilic quality that assists in washing dirt away.

During dry spells and cloudy days will continue to break down organic dirt but the lack of sufficient rainfall may prevent the hydrophilic washing. This can be easily carried out by lightly hosing down with water.

Self-cleaning glass can be combined with other glasses such as double glazing for thermal comfort.


Flyscreens are essential to provide good ventilation while preventing unwanted insects from entering the home

South Pacific products have been designed to accept screening without the need for unsightly turn buttons. Find the right screen for your home from the options below:


Fibreglass screen mesh is the most common type of mesh and is generally used as standard for windows and clear openings. It is PVC coated, UV stabilized and ideal for screening all windows and doors.

Allows good visibility, very soft, flexible, pliable, will not rust and is economical and easy to install. Doesn’t kink or dent like aluminium mesh and stainless steel flywire.

Pet Mesh

PVC coated, heavy gauge polyester mesh is ideal for sliding screen doors in high traffic areas and ideal for families with pets. It is not indestructible, but it is 7 times stronger than standard fibreglass mesh.

Doesn’t kink or dent like aluminium mesh and stainless steel flywire.


Aluminium screen mesh are ideal where extra strength is required. Can appear wavy as it won’t stretch to a tight fit. Unlike fibreglass, aluminium can kink or dent with pressure.

Stainless Steel Flymesh

The super-strength stainless steel mesh in black powder coat finish is marine grade corrosion resistant, which makes it ideal for use in coastal areas. The nature of this material means that it can appear wavy as it won’t stretch to a tight fit. Unlike fibreglass stainless steel mesh can kink or dent with pressure.


This Aluminium screen mesh is 47% stronger than standard aluminium screen mesh.

Ideal for sliding doors in high traffic areas. Unlike fibreglass, aluminium can kink or dent with pressure.

Stainless Steel Safety
Screen – Invisigard

Invisigard Screen is an attractive safety solution and appear like heavy duty flyscreens however it is made from 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh. Using the unique patented pressure system there are no unattractive fixings and the mesh is woven into a fine mesh to provide you safety without compromising the view unlike conventional security grilles.

Retractable Screens – Centor

Add the finishing touch to your home with Centor retractable screens which are easily accessible when needed while remaining hidden when not. Its un-obstruction design creating a seamless inside – outside living experience like no other enables you to enjoy fresh air, breezes and uninterrupted views for an effective and pest-free ventilation solution.

Operating with just a fingertip, Centors unique load balancing technology allows the screen to glide smoothly across the whole door opening to effortlessly stop at any desired position.

Kid Screen

Kid Screen is made from heavily reinforced polyester or stainless steel 316 grade mesh to comply with the Australian Standard for Protection of Operable Windows in relation to safety for young children.

This safety window screen prevents the accidental falls from upstairs windows while maintaining full ventilation of the window opening, rather than the mandatory requirement of 125mm restricted opening. With Kid Screen no restricted opening is required as it acts similar to a security screen without the premium cost.



A variety of colour and finishes are available to suit every decor as described. Visit our showroom and collect a true sample of the most popular colours.

Powder Coating

All our products are available in a variety of standard and high
performance powder coated colours which are a tough and durable option allowing for a wide selection of colours from world leading
suppliers af powder coating finishes.



You may prefer a choice of anodising, an electro-chemical treatment available in standard natural anodised finish and non-standard black.


Deco Wood

And for those who prefer the look and beauty of natural timber
combined with the ease and durability of aluminium, we now have a product in a variety of amazing timber look finishes.

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